Young Adult Reads

Happy March! This month I decided to read young adult books that have been stacking up on my shelves. As much as I love my thrillers, there is something so relaxing and fun about pulling out a young adult read. More so I love dystopian novels and different times and ways of life!

The first book I read this month was “A Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes” by Suzanne Collins. This book is a prequel to the Hunger Games series and is set during the 10th annual games. At the center of the novel is Coriolanus Snow whom we all know as President Snow. He and his family are poor and down on their luck, Coriolanus hopes to change this by being selected to mentor a tribute in the up coming games. Unfortunately he is stuck with Lucy Gray Baird from district 12. He starts to bind and few for Lucy as time goes on and he must weigh these feelings for his need to follow the rules.

First off I absolutely loved this story and hope Suzanne will write more prequels to the hunger games so we can watch how they adapt and become what we know. Second confession I sympathized with Snow…a lot. He is an 18 year old boy who has lost both parents and is forced to keep his family’s reputation in tact after the dark days. However without giving any spoilers by the end of the book all sympathy is lost as we see Snow start to morph into the tyrant he becomes.

One of my favorite aspects of the book is seeing how the early days of the hunger games were. Before I thought that people in the capital were always eccentric and loved the games when it turns out the opposite is true. During this time the game makers are trying to find ways to get people to watch.

Another part that is different is the treatment of the tributes. In the original trilogy we see how well Katniss and the other tributes are treated, but in this book Lucy and the other Tributes are truly treated as prisoners.

Unlike the original trilogy I didn’t find a character in this book I actually liked. Everyone was shady and as soon as I enjoyed them, they turned around to do something that made me not like them.

I feel that overall this book brought up a lot of good ideas about humanity and the world at large which I enjoyed. Normally I would suggest some sort of tea, maybe a cup of jasmine like the Snows in the book. However I think something stronger like whiskey maybe in order for this book.

Until next time that’s the tea!


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