The Tea about Audiobooks


Today I come baring a controversial option in the book community and that is my love of audiobooks! I only recently (I think this past fall) got into them and now I am hooked!

Of course nothing beats actually reading a book but in my ADHD and busy world being able to listen to a book while crafting or cooking is amazing! Now there are certain books I must read and that is more often then not the case with new books. However there are those books I have heard of and looked at a million times I can’t picture myself spending the time to read and that’s when audible comes to the rescue.

The question I had to ask when I started this audible journey was how to count these books. Do I put them in my book journal? Should I make them their own shelf on Goodreads? When people in my book groups ask for books read do we count them or not? Being type a and needing an answer is very tedious trust me….I wish I could let myself live in the grey sometimes. Honestly though these questions made reading and journaling turn into work and so I put it all aside for awhile and that sucked.

Now I have come up with a system that works for me! By all means disagree with me and do your own system! Hell please tell me your system cause it may make my life easier! The gist of it is I read and craft for pleasure and these audio books give me pleasure. So yes I will acknowledge them as books because I have absorbed them and their lessons. They have their own shelf on my good reads and their own spot in my book journal!

Always have the Harry Potter Series downloaded on audible just in case I need a good comfort listen! And with those nothing better than to curl up with a hot chai latte and listen to the magical adventures of my favorite trio!

Until next time….that’s the tea!


Published by katielync

Hello! I’m Katie, I started this blog to share my love of YA Fantasy books and adult thrillers/mysteries! When I’m not reading you can find me working on my crafts, hanging with my kitten or buying something Harry Potter!

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