Love is in the Air

After being gone for a bit I am back! Life got crazy and busy and unfortunately this blog suffered because of it! But alas I am back with all the tea and opinions about books!

Since February is all about love and romance, I decided to dive out of my normal thriller and suspense pool and take a dip into the waters of romance! And so far I’m enjoying the change of pace!

The first book I read this month was Jemima J by Jane Green! It’s a book published in 2000 about an overweight women hopelessly in love with her coworker, but never gets noticed by him. Then she starts talking to a man in California who she leads to believe she is a skinny, fitness obsessed women named JJ. But when he wants to meet up Jemima has to decided if she’s up for the challenge of really reinventing herself!

This book got four stars from me! While a little dated (they just started learning how to use the internet to explore) I thought the content about finding your true self was timeless. The characters were all enjoyable except for Brad but that is to be expected. The “twist” towards the end was meh but I was very excited about being able to guess the ending! Such a great read for women in their 20’s and 30’s! I suggest reading this with an iced glass of Queen of Tarts!

The second book I read was How to Walk Away by Katherine Center! By read I mean I devoured this book thus earning it five stars! After an accident on what should have been the happiest day of her life, Margaret Jacobson ends up in the hospital. what follows is visits from her worried parents, her fiancé who wants to be forgiven and the sister she hasn’t spoken to in three years. On top of all the family dynamics and drama Maggie has to deal with her moody and tough PT Ian!

It’s hard to write a description without giving away the book, but trust me it is worth the read! For an accident survivor Maggie is the perfect amount of sorry for herself and resilient. Katherine Center does an amazing job of creating a character who is realistic and relatable. On top of that she gives the reader just what they want out of a romance book while keeping them guessing! While reading this book I often found myself alongside Maggie in her hospital room or the rehab gym, laughing or crying with her while she navigates her new normal. Might I suggest binging this book with a nice iced cup of Strawberry Matcha and a splash of lemonade?

I’m excited to have found a new author that I enjoy as much as Katherine Center and decided to read he book “Things you Save in a Fire” next!

Well that’s the tea!

Until next time!


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Hello! I’m Katie, I started this blog to share my love of YA Fantasy books and adult thrillers/mysteries! When I’m not reading you can find me working on my crafts, hanging with my kitten or buying something Harry Potter!

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